How a Wealthy UK “Thinktank” is Spreading Climate Denial Through Facebook Ads

Global Warming Policy Forum is spending thousands to minimise the impact of man made climate change.

Shot from a Facebook ad delivered in July 2020. Source: Facebook

Who Are The Global Warming Policy Foundation?

The GWPF is a “thinktank” founded by the Thatcherite Nigel Lawson and funded by a number of wealthy climate sceptics. Believe it or not this kind of marketing material used to be circulated by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a UK Charity. That’s right, a charity. However, in 2014 the Charity Commission rightly stepped in to stop this, explaining that:

The GWPF — A “science website”?
Charity Commission information on the Global Warming Policy Foundation. To be clear, the Forum is publishing the adverts, but supported by the Foundation. Source:

What Can I Do?

  1. First of all spread the word. Retweet the original thread here.
  2. Let’s get The Global Warming Policy Forum de-listed as a science website. See Andrew Harmsworth’s tweet below on how to suggest a change — as far as I know if enough people do this, it will force the change upon the organisation.
  3. I recommend you follow some relevant people and organisations. I’ve tagged quite a few in this tweet.
How to de-list The Global Warming Policy Forum as a science website

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